According to the demand and feedback from the market, we have divided our product offer into four levels:



Level 3 EXPERT

Level 4 VIVID

These four levels have more expanded-names in different categories, but we use a uniform frame color to locate each of them. I do not understand: expanded-names - makes no sense like that:

Red for Level 1

Blue for Level 2

Metallic grey for Level 3

Cool grey for Level 4

A range of solid colors gives distinction to the deli office look. The colors have an important function within the design principle. Quality/price level differences are indicated by frame colors.


The red color has a warm and friendly undertone and is impactful. As it is the same tone used for the deli logo, they blend well with each other. It is a color used to frame and introduce entry level products within the deli range. This level is specialized in price advantage and to satisfy the basic usage and quality requirements of consumers.


The blue color has a reliable and serious undertone and is impactful. It is as solid as the deli logo red and works harmoniously together with it to convey a serious and good quality image. The main selling point of blue middle level is cost performance while having great functionality and good quality.

The metallic grey color has a cool undertone and conveys premium quality. Metallic grey is used for the international market, and metallic black is used for the domestic market. The metallic color showcases the highest quality products of the deli range and most professional using function.


The cool grey color has a solid and calming undertone. It blends well with the fancy colors of the Level 4 products, accentuating their vividness. The typography of the product name inside a frame has the exact color of the product itself. This level have a fashionable-oriented and bold design. The colorful product appearance will easily catch consumer's eyes.